Dream Bubble

A dreamer. Every relationship has one I think. The person whose head is often in the clouds thinking about what could be, what ifs, and driving the logical one of the relationship crazy. Surely this isn’t just my marriage right? Trust me when I say that sometimes I think my husband’s head is going to fall off because of the dreams I so often spout off that don’t make any sense at all. Yet somehow, he lets me live in my dream bubble and he keeps me grounded when I need to scale back into the reality bubble. That’s what life is really about isn’t it? The delicate balance between the dream bubble that drives your passions, hopes, and burns a fire within your soul, and the reality bubble that reminds you to pay your bills on time, go grocery shopping, and make sure your health insurance is up to date.

So what dreams are floating around in your dream bubble? They don’t have to be far fetched like starting a photography business in the middle of a pandemic or going to Disney at least once every year. They can be smaller dreams, like taking your family on a picnic this weekend. They can be more practical, like paying off your student loans a couple of years early. Whatever your dreams may be, I urge you to find them. Step out of your reality bubble into the grander scale of your dream bubble and imagine all that your life could be, and then do it. Ultimately we are given one life here on this big ol’ rock. Make the most of it. Find the balance between dreams and reality and then toe the line between the two until you find the sweet spot that ignites your soul. Let your dream bubble grow and live in it, and then don’t forget to take out the trash.

All my love,


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