I thought you were a physical therapist?

I am a physical therapist. I’m also a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and Disney lover, to name a few. Now I’ve added another bullet point to my resume as well: photographer.

It’s so interesting that in the world we live in we always try and define people into the boxes we think they should fill. A lot of people probably think it’s weird that I went to school for 7 (yes seven!!) years to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy just to decide two years into my career that I ALSO want to be a photographer. I think it’s weird sometimes too. Honestly, my photography career probably would have forever remained floating up in my dream bubble if it weren’t for COVID-19. It seems strange to say since COVID-19 has been so absolutely terrible for our world, but without the extra time I spent at home while I was furloughed, I don’t think I would have ever had the time or courage to step out in faith and pursue something I was interested in and knew absolutely nothing about.

But I found the courage, so I did what I do best in life. I convinced my husband to spend money (I’m sure he really loves this quality about me, ha!) and then I learned. I studied, I absorbed, and I started to practice. I always joke that studying is my one true talent in life, and it may be true, but it has also served me well both in physical therapy and photography. For months, my only subjects were Jonathon and Jensen, until it felt safe enough to start taking pictures outside and with a mask. Then I started taking pictures of friends and family, and with every session my knowledge and skills have grown. There’s now a small, creative, passionate fire in my brain that gets fanned and continues to burn brighter and brighter each photo.

I feel blessed and fortunate that I have found two jobs which I’m passionate about. I have an incredible job working with kids as a physical therapist and the problem solving/science/medical side of me is in heaven. Now, I’ve finally, after 28 years of zero creative energy, found my creative niche that sparks joy and cultivates a different side of my brain. So all that to say, whether you are 28, or 56, or 95, don’t give up on the dreams floating in your dream bubble (also if you are 95 and reading my blog, message me because that is so cool). Chase after the things that bring you joy and make you feel alive. If you have learned anything in 2020 it should be that this life is far, far too short to give up on the things you are passionate about. So figure out a way to do it, and do it. Don’t let the fear of failing keep you from trying. If you’re going to fail, fail big. Choose joy, and choose to make everyday of this life meaningful and special. Be kind to people, help them chase their dreams, find ways to make someone smile everyday, and never give up on your dream bubble.

Peace up, T-town down,


One thought on “I thought you were a physical therapist?

  1. I love that you have found your passion for photography. It has always been a passion of mine but I have never given it ago. I just dabble. I have always felt I didn’t have an artist’s eye for photography. Thank you!!


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