Boom Soon Fam

Tyler and Erica are some of our best friends and last weekend I had the honor and privilege of capturing some pictures of them with their sweet baby Griffin. We have been friends with Tyler and Erica for the last 7-10 years (honestly I don’t know how many years it’s been, but it’s been a long time) after meeting Erica in college at OU and then meeting Tyler later on at church camp. We have shared a hotel room with two queen beds together to save money so we could spend FOUR full days at Universal Orlando pretending we were part of Harry Potter (no regrets), and both my husband and I were parts of their wedding. We were there the summer they met and fell in love, and now I got to see them as the sweetest parents to baby Griffin!

Griffin was born a week before Oklahoma shut down due to COVID-19 and has spent the entirety of his life in a global pandemic. You would never guess that by his sweet smile and easy demeanor though. He was hands down the easiest baby to shoot and handled an hour of picture taking better than some adults probably would! He has probably given me an unrealistic expectation on what it’s like to shoot babies in the future. Erica and Tyler are such good and supportive friends and they have handled this season like champions. No one would ever imagine the birth of their first child being during a global crisis like the one we’re experiencing, but you would never guess how hard that season of life is by seeing them all together. They have powered through this time with such grace and love and it is so apparent in their interactions as a family. For them, and so many others, 2020 has brought the best gift!

I am so grateful to have friends like Erica and Tyler in my life. They are supportive and caring. They drove to Tulsa from OKC with a 5 month old to support my beginning photography business and made me feel like the best photographer there’s ever been. It was a gift to serve them with these family pictures and to meet Griffin! They are the coolest parents and Griffin is going to be the coolest baby. Thank you for letting me spend time with your little family, and boom soon baby!

Peace up, T-town down,


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