Mirrorless, mirrorless, on the wall…

This is the first of probably many reviews, or at least mentions, about my new camera because I am casually obsessed with it! While elite photographers are upgrading to the Canon R5 or R6 to up their mirrorless game right now, I started small because this business is still a baby! It was time for me to upgrade from my Nikon D3300, so after extensive research I chose the Canon RP. It’s essentially Canon’s base model mirrorless camera, but I knew I wanted to start my investment in mirrorless since it seems to be the way of the future, and guys, I am BLOWN away. I seriously can’t even imagine what the R5 or R6 must be like because the RP is amazing. The AF features are incredible and it very, very consistently takes tack sharp pictures. Its LCD screen is easy to use and I love how small the camera body is. It feels durable but still sleek at the same time. The best thing I have noticed is how capable it is in many different lighting situations. I have taken pictures in harsh light, golden hour, and a couple of places in between and I am so impressed with its ability to adapt to lighting scenarios without compromising quality.

This weekend we were able to safely visit with my husband Jonathon’s parents and Jensen’s Nana and Papa! I was so glad to have this camera to pick up some images to remember this weekend by. Having the photography skills that I have and am continuing to gain means more to me than just creating a business to serve others, it’s preserving these precious memories so that someday Jensen can look back on them and see the joy that her family had and the love we all shared for each other. Pictures are one of the greatest gifts we can leave for our loved ones. They are so special. So whether you hire a photographer, me or someone else, or just snap some photos on your phone, remember that those memories are so special and it doesn’t matter that you look perfect, or if the lighting isn’t quite right, your loved ones will only care about seeing your smile and stepping briefly into that moment with you. So take the picture, do the thing, find your joy.

Peace out, T-town down,


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