Oh you fancy

After a crazy missed week last week with some unexpected sickness in the family, I am back to the midweek blog break and this week I’m here to talk about why you should 100% dress up for your pictures! Let’s face it, pictures are an investment, and definitely worth it, but also an investment nonetheless. So, if you’re going to spend money to get your pictures professionally taken, you might as well look your best! Dressing up in something that you feel good in will seriously change the experience you have taking pictures, as well as how much you like the pictures in the end. You can have the very best photographer in the world, but if you aren’t confident in what you’re wearing, even they may have a hard time helping your light shine through in photographs. Here are some outfit variations that have helped my clients look their very best and can also help you to enhance the overall quality of your professional pictures! Use the arrows to slide and see a more casual option!

Swipe for a more casual option!

Meg and Luke did an excellent job of choosing a more formal attire which included a dress for Megan and slacks and a button up for Luke, and then transitioning into a more casual fall outfit of jeans and sweaters! Dressing up doesn’t mean formal attire for every picture, it just means picking up the sweater/button up and putting down your old white t-shirt and joggers!

Erica and Tyler chose cohesive outfits that went together but weren’t too matchy. When everyone wears the exact same color you run the risk of creating large people blobs. Diversity is good when choosing outfits for multiple people. Pick a color that is your main color and then incorporate that into every outfit with other colors that coordinate!

Solids are typically easier to photograph and also don’t take away from the subject, your beautiful face! If you’d like to use a pattern such as florals or plaid, pick one person to wear the pattern and coordinate everyone else’s solid colors around it!

Overall, choosing outfits that can coordinate and look good in pictures can be overwhelming and stressful, but that’s what you have your photographer for! Your photographer (hopefully that’s me!) should be able to assist you in making decisions about what to wear to help you look and feel your best during pictures!

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