I have always been a great student. I can study, I can learn, and then I can take a test to prove it. It’s how I passed PT school and earned my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. It was a goal and one I achieved. Photography has always been a dream of mine, but one that didn’t seem practical or available most of the time. It felt like a pipe dream. But then I realized, what is life if you don’t let your dream bubble grow and chase those dreams with reckless abandon? So you study, and you learn, and you prove it. Welcome to Kayla Garrett Photography! I’m so glad you’re here, friend.

Did you know?

  1. If I could I would go to Disney World every weekend!
  2. My blood is part caffeine, part queso.
  3. I am a pediatric physical therapist by day. I love my patients so much!
  4. I love to eat, but I don’t love to cook, so God graciously sent me a husband who does.
  5. I can easily sit and binge watch a show for hours at a time, but I can also read a book from start to finish in one sitting if it’s a good one.
  6. I live for adventure and vacation. Someday maybe we’ll even be vacation friends!
  7. I am a Hufflepuff and an enneagram 2w3.

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