Summer Family Session

It was an unseasonably cool day for the end of August and the Struttmann family showed up ready to model. It doesn’t hurt that they are such a beautiful family in the first place, both inside and out. I have babysat the Struttmann girls on and off over the years and each one of them holds a special place in my heart. It was so great to see them after such a long, long time in quarantine. Plus, Jeff and Casey are those kind of people that you really want to be best friends with, but you just know that you aren’t quite at the same level of cool as them so any excuse you get to hang out with them is guaranteed to be a good time!

We spent the evening playing, laughing, and running around the park and I did my best to capture each of their personalities in a way that will bring back memories and glimpses of them at this exact age when they look back in ten, twenty, or fifty years. While this Covid season has been anything but easy, it brought me such joy to see a family embracing their extra time together, and making the best of a less than ideal scenario. With every aspect of the evening I saw just how much each and every member of that sweet family loved each other. It reminded me that in uncertain times like we are very much in right now, that is all we really have, the love and grace of the people who we care about and who care about us. It is something to cling to, something to fill us with hope, and something that daily reminds us of the Father’s love and grace for us.

So while this season of life is hard, find the joy in the every day, in the extra time spent with people you love, or the chances to make something new, or the intentionality of connecting to your friends and family from a distance. Offer boundless grace when the world most certainly needs it, and if you put your head down and do your work and don’t give up, then you can reward yourself with ice cream at the end of the night because sometimes we all just need a sweet treat to give us that extra boost!

All my love,


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